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“Eastern” Style

As the Railroad Industry continued to evolve over the years, many rail lines particularly in the the eastern United State began to develop two-tone hats, commonly known as “Eastern Style”


“Eastern Style” Engineer hats feature a Brim and Band that are a different color from the hats Crown. This was done to help hide dirt on the parts of the hat which are handled the most. This was especially important on coal fired engines during the Age of Steam.


The Crown color on Eastern Style hats also had significance, though it varied greatly between Railroad Companies. 


While some rail lines were known entirely by one particular crown color, other railroads had specific color code systems denoting each individuals job within the railroad.


“Hickory Stripe” and “White Top” were widely used crown combinations on “Eastern Style” Hats. 


Both options were highly visible colors in nearly any environment during the early 20th century, though other fabrics such as Wabash, Pencil Stripe, Herringbone Twill, and many others were frequently used on Railroads and countless other professions around the United States.


The fabric combinations on “Eastern Style” hats are nearly limitless.

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