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Hand Crafted in Pennsylvania, USA
One at a Time
Like the Old Days

I have long loved history and all things old. Old cars, motorcycles, airplanes, machines, buildings, music, and clothing. All of them fuel my curiosity for the past. As an historian, reenactor, and old soul holdout, I live my daily life in the garments of yesteryear. On any given day I can be seen wearing clothing ranging from the 1870s to 1950s. I consider myself a very lucky man, because I live a life as close to time travel as it gets. I am blessed with the friendships of folks who fire steam engines, restore hundred year old motorcycles, rebuild WWI Biplanes, reenact historic moments in history, chop and channel hot rods, and fabricate masterpieces. I have learned amazing history from elders who lived it first hand and whose memories serve as the only record to those incredible times. These vibrant people all keep the flame of the trades and skills that built America. If it weren't for these hard working Americans preserving the skills and knowledge of the past, the modern world would race forward in search of answers they may have already had.

America was built in workwear. From the farms, ranches, railroads, shipyards, factories and workshops, the people who built America were all wearing largely the same kind of clothing. Rugged and designed for function, laborers needed garments that could stand up to the rigors of their jobs and protect them from their environment. These garments were most commonly sturdy Hats, Overalls, and Chore Coats. The dense woven fabric and designs of workwear were all mindfully chosen as simple solutions to specific needs. The cloth work hat found its way into nearly every profession throughout American history, and it was not until around the 1950s that a "Shop Cap" was no longer a common item in most Americans' wardrobes. The designs survive on for over a century relatively unaltered, true and time tested. Designed to shield welders and workers from sparks, guard against soot and debris, and soften the scuffs of hard labor, what we commonly associate as "Welders Caps" or "Engineer Hats" were often used in the past for most any job. Old timers spent decades of their lives wearing these styles and grew rather fond of their specific hat, so much so that many folks "just wouldn't quite feel like themselves without it". As time marched on and companies began importing cheaply made replacements, many hard working people began to mourn the loss of the iconic American headwear they grew up with. 

Many people say that seeing these hat styles brings them fond memories of their Grandparents and the past. Others say they "wish they could have a hat made like the one they had 30 years ago." Well, that is what I aim to do. My goal is to use my love and knowledge of historical clothing, to work with you on making your next "Go-To Hat" that will last years like they used to. When you buy a LaRose Hat, you will be working with me directly to create your Custom Hat made the way you want it. Right here in Pennsylvania, USA. Like the old days.

Thank you, and I look forward to working with you.

Chris LaRose 

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